Saturday, November 24, 2012

More pictures from training (Back in March/ April)

Shortly after arriving in Zambia, I went to stay with a host family, where I lived for the remainder of our 11 week training program.  This is my BaMayo (my host mother) Ba Liah Kotongo, looking absolutely regal.

Here is BaMayo with my BaTaata (my host father), Ba Peter Katongo.  Adorable, yes?

I planted a Moringa tree with BaTaata as a rememberance.  He was really excited about it.  Even me!

The night before I left my training site, my neighbor friend came by with his spectacular homemade banjo.  It is made from pots and wood and other local materials.  He plays it very well.  Myself and the neighborhood kiddos were really enjoying the traditional songs he was playing.  The kids knew the songs so we clapped and sang along.  I even got to dance with Ba Winnie Frieda ( in the back in the red dress).  The whole night was a blast.  I miss my training family sana (very much).

Here is me after the concert, with BaMayo, Ba Shikulu with his banjo, and some of my very favorite children in the whole world.

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